9 Easy Steps On How To Make Shoes
By Yourself

Learn The Entire Shoe making Process

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Is shoemaking really complicated?

I am pretty sure that you

think that to learn how to make shoes, the craft of shoe making, is really complicated!

Don't you?

What if i will tell you that you can learn how to make shoes from scratch , would you be interested?

Shoemaking is all about details and long process, but
the truth is,  as soon as you will understand and get familiar with process...

....This complicated craft won't be an impossible task anymore!
Lucky for you, in this tutorial, I compressed the entire shoe making process, from how to make shoe pattern to finished pair of shoes. 

Full shoemaking program

9 steps to make your own shoes
Let’s learn the workflow of making shoes!

Sveta Kletina-shoes

step 1

Cover your shoe last with masking tape  and apply the design of your shoes.

step 2

Cut off the masking tape pattern, attach it to the cardboard  to make full shoe pattern

Shoe pattern

step 3

Cut the leather or fabric using the cardboard pattern that you just created.  Assemble and Sew all parts


step 4

The next step is to create insoles. You can make shoe insoles out of cardboard or vegetable tanned leather


step 5

Place the sewn upper on the last, pull its edges with pincers and attach them to the insole. This shoe making process called shoe lasting.

step 6

It is important to flatten the bottom of your shoes, to get better support and less hit impact from the ground. To make our shoe durable we add cork.


step 7

Sole making and  finishing, working with  simple shoe making hand tools.
create your own shoes, you don't need many tools and you can work with a minimum set. For shoe sole making we only need vegetable tanned leather and a hammer.

Shoe- sole-making

step 8

If you want to learn how to
make high heel shoes or flats, you will still need to make the heels. 
Here you can attach ready made heels or you can
make shoe heels by yourself. Heels can be made from vegetable tanned leather or wood.


step 9

Final step in shoe making are ;

Taking off your shoes from the shoe lasts, creating socklining according to a shoe pattern that you need to make and finishing

Fashionable Fabric Ballets Course

Now You know how to make shoes from scratch

Shoe making process has many steps and although I compassed the entire process for you into just 9 steps,

It gives you the full picture and understanding of how to make shoes. 

The important part of understanding shoe making workflow, the process, is that it is pretty much the same for any type of shoes.

So, if you want to learn how to make high heel shoes, or you want to learn how to make handmade flat shoes or sandals, it is still the same process.
The next important and unfortunately misleading part are shoe making tools, shoe making supplies.

As a beginner in shoe making you don't need many tools to get started, because you need to master the basic set of tools first.

When you will get the right skills and experience you will be choosing yourself which tools you need.

Is Shoemaking For You?

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