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In this course, you will learn how to make Dr. Martens style Boots by yourself step by step, from designing  on the shoe last until the finished pair.

What you will learn In this ‘’Dr Martens Style Boots Course’’:

1. The unique shoe-making technique of boot pattern construction working with simple shoe last type. You don’t need to have special boot lasts.

2. How to apply the design of Dr. Martens boots correctly on your shoe lasts

3. Full pattern construction of Martens boots: upper pattern, lining pattern, the pattern of stiffeners and reinforcements

4. Cutting/Assembling/Sewing of Dr.Martens boots. Full process step by step

5. Insole construction, special for stitch-down shoe construction.

6. Lasting upper on the shoe last. You will learn a unique lasting process special for stitch-down shoe construction in Dr.Martens boots course

Lasting the upper in stitch-down construction of Martens boots

7. Making leather midsole, a middle part of the shoe sole, to which you will sew the upper by hand 

8. Step-by-step stitch-down construction. How to stitch the upper of Martens boots to the midsole.. 

9. Creation of thick soles for Martens Boots working with different materials: EVA foam and rubber soles

10. Making heels out of EVA foam

11. Shoe sole finishing

12. Making of sock lining for Dr. Martens boots

Sewing by hand the upper of Martens boots to the midsole

What is a stitch-down construction?!

The stitch-down construction is the construction where the upper is sewn to the midsole (a middle part of the shoe sole) or to the shoe sole without the welt.

The upper of the shoe in stitch-down construction is pulled out over the midsole and it is attached with stitches to the midsole or outsole while the lining is attached to the insole. In other words, the edge of the upper is used as a welt.

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Benefits of the stitch-down construction

This type of shoe construction has many advantages over all other shoe constructions:

* It is strong and long-lasting as well as welted shoe construction, but the stitch-down construction is much easier to create than welted construction

* Due to its simple technique, stitch-down construction will be very easy to learn for beginners in shoemaking

* The stitch down technique is much stronger than cemented construction and its very easy to repair than all other known shoe constructions

* It is mostly used in heavy boots but you can apply it in making any other shoe type if you want to have strong and lasting long time footwear

Note: Like with all my courses. You learn one technique but apply it everywhere

dr.martens boots before color

Unique Features of the Dr. Martens Boots Course

* Unique pattern-making technique that will allow you to use any pump shoe last (court shoe last) with low heels to create beautiful Martens boots

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* Universal boot pattern construction that you can use to create many other boot designs and not only the style of Dr. Martens boots

boots patterns

* Stitch-down shoe construction that suits for beginners, no shoemaking skills are required

Making hand stitches in stitch-down construction of Martens Boots

* A simple way to create thick, heavy-looking but light in-reality shoe soles that you can create at your home

thick dr.martens sole and heels

* You will use very simple tools and a few of them you can make by yourself using our instructions in this Dr.Martens boots course

* You will learn how to work with many different materials: leather, vegetable-tanned leather, thermoplastic material, EVA foam, and rubber sole. This knowledge will allow you to use them in making other footwear types as well

EVA foam boards for sneakers sole making

Design and Pattern construction of Dr. Martens Boots

* Creating of Basic boot pattern working on court shoe last -pump shoe last with low heels

* Using this Basic boot pattern you can create a boot with any topline height and with any  (not only Dr Martens boot style)

* Designing of Marten’s boot style on the shoe last

* Making the Basic pattern of Marten’s boots

* Developing the upper of Dr. Marten’s boots

* Developing the lining of Dr. Marten’s boots

* Making the pattern of the counters for Dr. Marten’s boots

dr.martens boots patterns

Stitch-down construction in Dr. Martens boots

* Making a simple insole from taxon board (one layer of cardboard only) with steel shank.

* Preparing the midsole out of vegetable-tanned leather.

* Special lasting approach to create a stitch-down construction in Dr. Matrens boots.

* Attaching the midsole to the shoe bottom and to the edge of the upper of Martens boots.

* Simple hand stitching technique with straight needles

Sewing by hand the upper of Martens boots to the midsole

Creating of thick soles and heels to make a monoblock-like outsole for Dr. Martens boots

* Prepare the EVA foam. Original Dr. Marten’s boots have a very massive and heavy look, but it doesn’t have to be heavy, so to create our Martens boots we used EVA foam to give a thick but light feel.

* Attaching one layer of EVA foam to the midsole

* Building heels out of EVA foam. Few layers of foam to create heels with the needed height

* Attaching the rubber soles to the shoe bottom and to the heels. This piece is important for Dr. Marten’s boots as it will prevent sliding on slippery surfaces.

* Finishing the sole and heel’ edge by working with sandpaper, leather color, or simple black wax to create anti-static, waterproof shoe soles in Dr. Martens boots

Finishing the outsole of Martens boots

In this course you will learn shoes from 2 master shoemakers. 

Sveta Kletina

Footwear designer, shoemaker, pattern maker with 20 years experience of making handmade shoes.

master shoemaker

Branislav Stajic

3-rd generation shoemaker with more than 30 years of experience of making handmade shoes.

Tools and materials used in Dr. Martens boots course

To make Dr. Martens boots course easy and accessible for all beginners, I created this course with a minimum set of tools and materials that anyone can source online.

Dr.Martens Boot Course

You will learn to create your own Dr.Martens boots and with all new techniques you will gain the skills to create any boots in the future.
 You can Watch & Download all courses to keep learning & keep practicing.


dr.Martens boots

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