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What you are struggling with?

If you are stuck with your shoe project, if your pattern don’t fit the last, never doing well with lasting, your midsole/outsole are horrible, if you are doing the same mistake over and over again but can’t figure it out, here you will find the solution.

Shoot a video of your shoe project that you are struggling with, make it short, clear and easy to follow. Write a description to your problem and send it over to me. Yes, that easy!

In shoe making every millimeter counts, and you could be doing one simple mistake that you just overlook time after time.  This way I could figure out what you are doing wrong and how to fix your problem.  

Let’s say you have an idea to make a shoe but you don’t know how to construct this pattern. I could help you with that too.

It will be a great resource and kind of my way to check your “homework” and help you to progress in this shoemaking craft, and this way you will learn from mistakes that other members do.    

Can I upload pictures of my project/ process instead of a video?

Yes, you can and in some cases you have to, but please understand that my answers and my solutions will be much more accurate and it will be much easier to find your problem seeing the process (video).

My answers will always be in video format as well, as it better to see once than to hear a thousand times.  





Make Your Own Vans Sneakers

Hi Sveta!

Happy New Year!!

This year I really plan to work hard with my shoemaking although I wish I could go to you personally or you taught a class in the US!!

My question: I attached a picture of an old pair of Vans sneakers and I would like to try to make my own pair (I think the Vans style would be like a one cut oxford, right?).

I have last I would like to use, but I think it was made for a heel (maybe 1″). I’m sure the Vans were made on an universal no heel needed last.

How do I adapt my last? Should I build up bottom with bondo or leather like your earlier videos or should I find another pair because my rubber sole will be flat?

I still have no ideal how I’m going to make the “cup sole” used on sneakers. I know machinery is used but I need to plan an alternative. I would like to use a rubber strip also.

Hope this isn’t confusing.

Thank you always for help. You are wonderful!




Fixing manufacture mistake with your shoe designs

Dear Sveta,

I’m studying hard ur courses and I have some questions.

I’ve received the sandals and sneakers which made by manufactures of mine from Guatemala and Thailand.

I have some problems with these products:

The sandals from Thailand, they used the kind of studs that like punched so it left sharp edges, to provide customers hurting by them I need to do some improvements. What’s ur suggestion? See attached IMG 2469 pic of the studs.


The Guatemala sneakers:

They used a slippery plastic sole, see attached IMG 2470, which I hate very much, how can I change ……… Read more




Too many folds lasting slingback pumps

Hi Mrs. Sveta.

I’m working on a slingback pumps and I made a paper pattern just like you teach in your lesson. You can see in my video clip that when I last it, there is too much fold in the bottom and it looks bad. I can see that your pattern is flat , so I guess I am doing something wrong. If I pull the strap higher it makes it better with less folds, but I am pretty sure that it is not something I need to do, or can I? 
It’s 4 cm heel and I lost my original cardboard pattern. How can I fix it? and do I need to start all over again or can I use this paper patern?
Thanks in advance, 

Help me make my shoes Pete-Julian

Will this shoe fit without fastening

So I am working on my favorite shoe that finally wore out. And made a sneaker look out of leather. But the original shoe is like a croc material that is similar to croslite which is spongy injected foam. That’s nice and soft and keeps it’s shape. After all this work I did not think about the opening – duh! ! Because i followed the original! Now I am not sure if my foot will fit. It did on my sample but that was with no lining and stuff and it stretched.
My question is – if this turns out to be a big major mistake how would you correct the opening? Or back to the drawing board.  I used some of your techniques 🙂 ps yes I am putting a shank in the shoe I did follow some rules 🙂



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