June 6, 2019

How to Find The Joint Line in Shoemaking?

If you will ask me what is the most important parameter, measurement, line in pattern making and shoemaking, I will tell you without thinking too much that it is the joint line in shoemaking!

Now, what is the joint line?

The joint line in shoemaking is the line that passes through the most extended front place of your shoe last and feet as well. It passes through the middle of your bones in the front part of the feet.

Why is it such an important line in shoe pattern making and shoemaking?

Working with this line you will construct a pattern of almost every footwear type, through this line you will need to measure the girth of the joints in order to know what is the width of your feet, of your shoe last.

In pattern construction of such footwear types like:

this line, the JOINT LINE is super important!

It will guarantee the comfort of these shoes, if you will find it correctly and if you will create all these shoe patterns using the joint line!

It is one of the primary lines in pattern construction and that’s is why it is very important for you, a beginner in shoemaking, to know how to find the joint line on the shoe last.

How to find the joint line on the shoe last?

There is a shoemaking approach on how to find the joint line on the shoe lasts easily and correctly.

To explain it to you in the most efficient way I made a shoemaking tutorial. If you want to learn more about different pattern making techniques, techniques to solve most of your shoe making problems, to know which tools you need for pattern making, you are invited to visit this directory: "Shoe pattern and templates".  

Watch it (at the beginning of the article), comment, ask your questions!

How to find the join line in shoemaking

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