November 7, 2014

I will help you make your shoes

I will help you make your shoes

I am super excited to share this post with you and it all has to do with a new feature on the site and it called ” HELP ME MAKE MY SHOES”.

Before I launched this part of a website I made a small survey with you my dear members and I know you were thrilled about this as I was, so I am very happy to announce that help is here.

Help me make my shoes

This is a new section on the website where you will find a solution to what you are struggling with in your shoe projects.

This is pretty simple, all you have to do is to upload a video with your project, I mean just the part you are struggling with, describe your problem in details as much as you can and just send it all to me. It is super easy to do and you will find full instructions in this section of the website.

Learn how to fix your shoe making project

You could be doing the same mistake without noticing it or maybe you stuck with figuring out a way to fix your pattern. It could be a new idea for a shoe but you don’t know how to construct it. I have a million repeating questions from the courses and beyond, so I am really excited to launch this part of a website, as I believe that we could and should learn from each other and especially from our mistakes.This feature is exclusively for members and I strongly advise you to use it. Ask questions and you will figure out a way how to solve your problem and to grow as a shoemaker.

I do ask to upload a video to ask questions, but you sure can upload images as well. But please note that, when it comes to a process that you need help with, I need to see the process itself. You could be missing one little thing, making a just small mistake that you can’t see, but trust me I will. So I strongly advise making a clear video of what you are doing.

All my answers will be always in a video format, just as my lessons. I really appreciate all of you and your devotion to shoemaking craft and I will love to help you in your progress.

You are welcome to view the first episode, comment and upload your own video shoe project and I will help you to make your shoes.

 Will this shoe fit without fastening picture 4


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  1. Hello Sveta – thank you so much! that was very informative. I thought of the zipper and gore as well but did realize how much work that will take. I have already started making my out soles. I will finish this one and re-do another one after noticing all my mistakes and do it the right way. I like the zipper idea on side a lot. What do you think about placing the zipper on the back counter? I love this format and the video instructions this is awesome!
    I will keep you posted on my results I have to finish something because my favorite shoe has a hole in it hahaha! its great having an online teacher like you! thanks again for all the help…

    1. Hi Pete!
      Thank you for sharing your project and problem. I usually don’t like zipper in the back counter, because it’s not that comfortable. And to be sure your foot will enter the shoe, with back zipper you will still have to use elastics, gore. So, take it under consideration. You can make it look good by hiding them ( gore) with leather. If you will decide to do it this way, let me know and I will explain you how to do so.

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