January 13, 2019

Make Court Shoes: 2 Must Know Improvements

Ballet shoes from fabric- make court shoes

Make Court Shoes: 2 Must Know Improvements 

Ballet shoes from fabric- make court shoes

If you want to make court shoes like flat ballet shoes, pump shoes, loafers, moccasins etc.. You must know and use these 2 small improvements you need to do in your pattern, and that is exactly what I will teach you in this post.

2 Important Lines To make Court Shoes Pattern

You need to correct the back line of the shoe pattern and you must fix the central line in the front part. 

  1. Back line correction to make court shoes with a perfect fit

It is very important to consider the stretchiness of leather when you make court shoes, because the throat line of this footwear type must lay tightly on the shoe last.

If it will do that...

Then it will lay tightly on your feet as well.

During lasting, the leather upper and lining stretches and becomes larger . As a result the throat line moves closer to the toe and become more opened.  

In the making of the court shoes without any fastaning like in the Oxfrod shoes and Derby shoes, the fitting of the throat line is very important.

That’s why you should reduce the back line in certain way, to to consider the stretchiness of the leather, to get good fitting of the throat line, and to reduce folds creation in the bottom heel edge, during lasting.

The creation of folds in the bottom edge of the heel is one of the most common mistakes that beginners do in shoemaking. In most of the cases to fix it, you just need to correct the back line (heel line).

All these improvements you will achieve with small correction of the back line, to make perfect court shoes.

Learn how to do it in this step by step video :

2. The Improvement Of the Central Line

If your shoe last has extended curved shape in the toe area, the central line of your masking tape pattern (after taken it off from the last) will be not straight but arched. 

To make the full pattern of court shoes (and in this case not only the court shoes) you will need to correct this arched central line and make it straight.

Learn how to do it in the video above.

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