April 18, 2019

Shoemaking Nails You Need To Use

In shoemaking there are different tools and materials to work with. In my 1 Year Shoemaking Program I teach how to make shoes with minimum set of shoemaking tools because you really don’t need to have all shoemaking tools to get started.  

So one of the most needed materials that you need in your craft  is nails.

You need shoemaking nails in the process of lasting shoes. You will attach the upper and lining to the insoles with shoemaking nails during lasting process.

How does it work?

You will pull the edges of the shoe upper and lining with shoemaking pincers in order to attach them to the insoles. 

So to keep the pulled upper on the right place, you will need to hold it with shoemaking nails. These nails will help you to spread well all folds.

It will stretch the shoe upper much better, so it will lay tightly on the shoe last.

This is how it must be done.

upper-pulling lasting

After you will hold the upper with the  shoemaking  nails, you will place a cement (contact glue for leather) 

to attach the shoe upper and lining to the insoles.

After glue will dry, you will take these nails off the shoe lasts.

This is how it works in 99% of a time.

But in different places of the shoe you will need to use different approaches of lasting.

There is a difference in shoe lasting of front part and back part of the footwear.

All images were taken from my Ankle Boot course.

What is the difference between shoemaking approaches?

In the front part of the shoe (until the instep) you will take off all nails as it was described above.


In the back part of the shoe,you will leave shoemaking nails. They will stay in your shoe to hold the back part of the shoe.

back-part lasting

So for that reason you will need to use two types of the shoemaking nails:

  1. nails for the front part
  2. nails for the back part

In this shoe making tutorial on top I show what are those two types of the shoemaking nails you need to use in your craft.

Nails in shoemaking

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If you want to make shoes there is no way around it, you will need knifes, hammers, leather, glue, shanks, boards, and everything else to get the job done.
For that purpose I have created a detailed list of everything you need to make shoes.

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