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Oxford Shoes Course

Oxford Women Shoes Course

This shoemaking course will teach you how to make Oxford shoes. 
There are different styles of oxford shoes and in this shoe making course you will learn how to make one of the most common and popular Oxford shoes styles. Oxford shoes with one cut vamp and quarters with laces on the center.

To make those Oxford shoes you will learn:

Oxford Upper pattern

 The rules of Oxford design on the last

  • The rules of Oxford pattern making and different methods of lining pattern making
  • What is the order of assembling and sewing Oxford leather parts
  • How to last correctly Oxford shoes with laces
  • How to make a shoe sole and how to make shoe sole with wedge heels
  • How to make wedge heels in the most easiest and professional way
  • How to make elegant shoe sole finish
  • How to make a pattern of sock lining and here you will learn one of the most beautiful and comfortable types of sock lining.

All lessons are presented in live class format. They are verbally and visually explained and are easy to follow.

 You will learn :

  • The anatomical rules of Oxford shoe design 
  • Full pattern making  of upper and lining
  • Different pattern making techniques
  • Sewing/Cutting/Assembling
  • Lasting
  • Leather  wedge heel construction
  • Leather sole making
  • Finish
  • Creation of one the most comfortable and beautiful Sock lining designs

This shoemaking courses consist of 15 shoemaking lessons.

Lesson length: 45-120 minutes

Watch & Download 

  • You will have 2 months access to watch this course online.
  • Download all lessons to watch them offline.


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