March 7, 2019

Shoe Pattern Making With Buckles

making shoe leather strap for shoes

Pattern making  for shoe straps with buckles [Updated- with part 2]

pattern making tools and cardboard and shoemaker Sveta Kletina

In shoemaking there are few types of fastening that you can use in making your own shoes:

  • Laces
  • Zips

  • Buckles
  • Velcro tape  (used mostly in the comfort and kid’s shoes)

The fastening element in shoes is very important, it allows you to open and close shoes according to your foot width.

In this post I want to talk with you about third type- straps with buckles.


Because in the making of your own shoes you can use it in any footwear type as a functional element and as a decorative as well.

For example, you can make boots with decorative straps with buckles, or you can make sandals with functional straps with buckles, or you can make T strap pumps with buckles and so on.

design of footwear for pattern making

So this element is one of the most useful elements in shoemkaing.

That’s why I decided to show pattern making of  straps with buckles

“Pattern making is a key to succeed in shoemaking”- one of my favorite statements that I love to tell beginners in shoemaking!

Why Pattern making is so important?!

Because only correctly executed pattern making step of straps with buckles will guarantee you good quality and good look of the  leather straps with buckles .

What is important in this pattern making process is to make straps with correct width that will allow you to apply the buckles to the straps easily and how to make it look good, like a pro.

Your most common pattern making mistake

What usually happens with you as a beginner in shoemaking is, that you make them too wide, or too narrow.

If it is too wide you can’t apply the buckles to the straps, it is very difficult to do. If it’s too narrow, the edges of the middle pin of the buckle visible and the strap looks  bad (very poor).

In both cases it looks very unprofessional.

That’s why I decided to teach you pattern making technique for the shoe straps with buckles.

Please follow my pattern making tutorial

If you pay attention and watch this tutorial till the end you will know what to ask me to do in my next tutorial.

So, if you are serious about your shoemaking learning, just comment: Yes, please tell how!

“How to do WHAT?”- watch the video till the end, you’ll see!


You asked for it, so here is the part 2 of this tutorial >

So many of you wanted to know how to make a hole for the buckle to place the straps. That’s why I continue with the buckles in shoemaking and below you will find my new shoe making tutorial about this issue. 

There is a special shoemaking tool (a cutter) to make this hole professionally but as usual I have my own way to do it without any special shoemaking tools. This is how I teach shoemaking in my shoemaking programs.

So what you need to have is a puncher like I use in the shoe making tutorial about leather insoles with toe loop, simple utility knife and ruler.  You need also to make a few calculations. That’s it 🙂

In this shoe making tutorial I added also extra information on how to make pattern for the straps without folding, with raw edges. Therefore it worth to watch this shoe making tutorial till the end.

Don’t forget to ask questions and  comment below because the best way to learn shoemaking is to ask questions when something is not clear.



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  1. Hi Sveta

    Please keep the videos coming. I look forward to receiving the next video on making the hole in the strap.

  2. Hi Sveta

    I enjoyed part 2 of shoe straps with buckles. The measurements all make sense after seeing it demonstrated.

    Thank you

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