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Shoemaking Supplies - Buy It Online

You will find here shoemaking supplies to make your shoes. This online shoemaking supplies store was created to help my students and other shoemakers to source all shoemaking  tools and materials in 1 place, online.

Check all available items in my store.


Please be aware that International orders may require you to pay import taxes upon receipt.  Shoemaking Courses Online is not responsible for paying any additional customs fees or taxes

   supplies for shoemaking


Shoemaker's hammer

Price : €50 


Reinforcement tape [15mm]

Price : €18 


Reinforcement tape [4mm]

Price : €11 

Pump rounded Shoe -last

Pump last- rounded toe

Price : €65 

High-heel-shoe lasts-2

High heel Pump last

Price : €65 

Pump last with pointed toe

Pump last- pointed toe

Price : €65


Man shoe last

Price : €75

Shoemaker's knife "Leone"

Shoemaker's knife "Leone"

Price : €25 


Shoemaker's M'tape

Price : €12


Long nails for shoe lasting

Price : €17


Short nails for shoe lasting

Price : €10


Non woven chemical sheets

Price : €13


Shoemaker's pincers

Price : €45


Shoemaker's rasp

Price : €40

Shank board

Shank board

Price : €17

Texon board

Texon board

Price : €19

steel-shank for shoemaking

Steel shank for shoemaking

Price : €12

Silver pen for shoemaking

Silver pen for shoemaking

Price : €9

Shoemaking Supplies & Recommended Suppliers by our Students

Shoe making supplies are hard to source in a small quantity. Although you can find anything online, you must find a reliable supplier, and we all know how difficult it could be.
Recently, in our Facebook Shoemaking group I asked our members recommendations for good suppliers that they worked with.
Here is the first shoemaking supplies list, recommended by our shoemaking students.
I will be adding more reliable shoemaking suppliers to this list.  
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Leather wholesaler Ferdinand Detmer

#Leather #veg tanned leather  #Leather germany

"I think, they do shipping, but you can also drop in. A huge hall full of leather, leather, leather. They do offer you help if demanded, but will let you in peace if you just want to browse in peace……."

The leather wholesaler Ferdinand Detmer GmbH was founded in 1924. We are a leather wholesaler with a focus on special items, but also carry regular goods.

Langlauf Schuhbedarf GmbH 

#Leather #shoemaking tools #Leather germany #shoemaking materials  #adhesive # shoemaking supplies

"They are very nice when talking on the phone, their leather is beautiful, they sold me the Hirschkleber, Tina knifes . All companies mentioned delivered very quickly......"

They are very nice when talking on the phone, their leather is beautiful, they sold me the Hirschkleber, Tina knifes . All componies mentioned delivered very quickly. 


 #shoemakingtools #shoematerials  # shoemaking supplies 

" not all the tools at george barnsley are used, there are many unused but old stock tools of great quality......"

We have over 9000 square feet of tools, machines and workshop equipment.Our stock list runs to many thousands of items and is constantly changing. This web site lists the main items.


 #leather #shoematerials  leatherforshoes #leatherusa

" website is www.leatherwise.com. He is well connected and may be able to find things for you .."

We are leather people to the core (well, at least to the skin) and have been for over 35 years. From my humble beginnings as a shoemaker in Colorado in the late 70's to our beautiful, well stocked retail store here in Santa Cruz, California, we have been serving leatherworkers and leather lovers with integrity and spirit for years. You may have been one of them!

Thornapple River Boots 

#Leather #shoemakingtools #shoematerials  #adhesive #shoemakingmaterials # shoemaking supplies

" Awls and awl hafts can be purchased here. He can make any size awl desired inseaming or square. ....."

Great tools help make great footwear 


#Leather #shoemakingtools #shoematerials  #adhesive #shoemakingmaterials # shoemaking supplies

" good tools and stuff for shoemakers and cobblers, but I think shipping is only in Europe...."

ShoeTechnik is born with the purpose of offering a great service to all the designers, shoemakers and bag-makers. We sell an enormous range of products for all the needs. We want to be the first option if you need a tool or product for leather working.

TR Lawman 

#Leather #shoemakingtools #shoematerials  #adhesive #shoemakingmaterials # shoemaking supplies

" Try them,  they have great prices too....."

TR Lawman offers a comprehensive range of construction footwear components. We are proud to stock a made in England range of soles and heels, alongside the widest selection of toe puffs and counters available anywhere in the UK. Browse the catalogue below to see how our products can benefit you.


 #shoemakingtools #shoematerials  #adhesive #shoemakingmaterials # shoemaking supplies

"...Yes! Contact Georgene McKim at shoedo.com. Email her and describe what you’re after and she’ll tell you what she’s got!...."

Required to buy "wholesale" and in "quantity" meant I could finally purchase the hard-to- find professional materials I  discovered while working at "Footwear News." Those mandatory overwhelming "quantities" lead to this web site so that I could share with my fellow shoemaking enthusiasts. 


 #Shoecomponents  #shoelasts