Cardboards for Shoemaking

Texon and shank boards are essential components in the construction of many types of shoes, especially in providing structure and support. Here's a brief overview of both.

Texon Board

Texon board

What is texon Board? 

Texon is a brand name, but it has become synonymous with a type of cellulose insole board used in shoe construction, primary for the insoles. The fact is that insoles made out of cardboards consiti of few layers, and one of them that covers the entire shoe bottom made from texon board. Texon is made from a blend of cellulose fibers and synthetic latex binders. Some Texon boards also incorporate recycled materials.

Usage in Shoemaking: Texon boards are primarily used as insole boards in footwear. They provide a firm base for the foot and serve as the layer between the outsole and the inner components of the shoe.

If you're unable to source Texon board, you can use vegetable-tanned leather as a suitable substitute to craft the insole like we do in my Bespoke Derby Handsewn Opanka Shoe Course or English Men's Brouge Oxford Shoe Couse. For a deeper understanding of leather insoles, consult this shoemaking article: “Steel Shanks In the Insoles Construction”

Benefits: Texon boards are known for their durability, flexibility, and moisture-wicking properties. They also offer good thermal insulation and are resistant to fungal and bacterial growth.

Shank Board

What is it?

A shank board is a stiff piece of material that is placed as second and sometimes third layer in insoles that attaches to the texon. Its primary purpose is to provide structural support to the arch area of the shoe.

Materials: Shank boards can be made from a variety of materials, including steel, plastic, fiberglass, and even Kevlar. The choice of material often depends on the type of shoe and its intended use.

Benefits: The shank board provides rigidity to the shoe, ensuring it doesn't collapse under the weight of the wearer. It also helps in distributing weight more evenly across the foot, reducing strain on the arch and providing added comfort.

In the world of shoemaking, both Texon boards and shank boards play crucial roles in ensuring the comfort, durability, and structural integrity of the shoe. You need to remeber that you must first design an exact insole pattern, cut the necessary materials, and combine the two cartboards to make the insole and in this course you can learn how to do it step by step. Remember that using a steel shank is also necessary to create a decent support for the feet and in this shoe making article "Steel Shanks In the Insoles Construction" you can learn more about function of steel shanks. 

While Texon is a specific brand, its name is often used generically to refer to similar insole boards made from cellulose fibers. On the other hand, shank boards, regardless of the material they're made from, are essential in providing arch support and maintaining the shoe's shape over time. Always remember that practically all types of footwear, including orthopedic or beerfoot shoes, require a steel shank, especially those with high heels

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If you want to make shoes there is no way around it, you will need knifes, hammers, leather, glue, shanks, boards, and everything else to get the job done.
For that purpose I have created a detailed list of everything you need to make shoes.