Shoemaker pincers

Shoemaking pincers are vital tools used to grip, stretch, and fix the shoe's upper onto the last. Their unique design accommodates different shoe parts, ensuring precision in footwear assembly.

Shoemaker pincers are fundumental hand tools used in the art of shoemaking. Characterized by their distinct jaws, they are specifically designed to grip, stretch, and hold the leather upper onto the shoe last during the lasting process.

If you want to learn more about different steps of the lasting process, check these shoemaking articles: "Lasting shoes. Where to start?", "Use Minimum Nails in Lasting of the Shoe Toe".

Some versions come equipped with a built-in hammer to facilitate nailing. These pincers are crucial in ensuring that the shoe's shape precisely conforms to the last, ensuring both a pleasing appearance and the best fit. 

There's also a specialized lasting machine designed to speed up the shoemaking process, but it's recommended primarily for mass shoe production.

Shoemaker lasting pincers 8mm

These 8mm pliers are ideal for the intricate duties involved in making shoes because they strike the ideal mix between precision and grip. This enables artisans to make stunning, well-fitting shoes. Additionally, a side hammer is included for nailing during the construction process

Slightly wider than their 8mm counterpart, these pliers provide a firmer grip, making them indispensable for ensuring that the shoe upper fits the last just right. It  has a side with a hammer.

Shoemaker lasting pincers 10mm

Slightly wider than their 8mm counterpart, these pliers provide a firmer grip, making them indispensable for ensuring that the shoe upper fits the last just right. It  has a side with a hammer.

This particular shoemaker's pincers is versatile, eliminating the need for multiple types of pincers. It's included in the basic tools and materials kit provided in the 1-Year Shoemaking Program because this pincers we use in all shoemaking courses.

Shoemaker lasting pincers Wide 15mm

The 15mm pliers are perfect for working on bigger parts of a shoe because they are made for tasks that call for a more robust grasp.It has a side hammer that was incorporated for nailing during the lasting process.

The first three lasting pincers are designed for use while seated

Lasting pincers with Hammer

A two-in-one tool, these pliers not only help in the lasting process but also come equipped with a hammer. This design makes it easier to nail and shape the shoe, streamlining the shoe making process.

This one is intended for a standing position

Straight Lasting Pincers

 Ideal for straight stretches of material, these pincers ensure a smooth and even pull, essential for a perfect finish.

Small Narrow Lasting Pliers 7mm

 Precision is the name of the game with these 7mm pliers. Perfect for those intricate parts of the shoe that demand a gentle touch. To remove the tiny creases near the toe and heel, use these narrow pliers

Bulldog pincers


Distinctly designed from conventional lasting pincers, Bulldog pincers are engineered to automatically tighten as they pull the waist area of boots. This is particularly beneficial for cowboy boots crafted from robust, thick leather. 

Nail Pincers

Shoemakers utilize nail pincers primarily for removing nails. To efficiently grip nails with flat heads, the jaws of these pliers must be finely ground flat, ensuring they can be positioned as close as possible to the surface.

To remove tacks/nails out of the shoe you also can use another shoemaking tool - a tack puller.

Eyelet Closing Pliers

Once the eyelets are in place, these pliers ensure they're closed and set properly, adding the finishing touch to a pair of handmade shoes.

Online shoe making stores

There are several online stores dedicated to shoemaking, and here are a few where you can find some of these pincers. Additionally, I'd recommend checking out local stores in your area.

If you purchase a new pair of pincers, it's advisable to smooth the sharp edges between each of the jaws using sandpaper or a rasp. If you're considering buying used pincers, ensure they don't show excessive wear in the hinge area. Also, test the alignment of the jaws by placing some material between them to see if they come together properly.

All Shoemaking Supplies 

If you want to make shoes there is no way around it, you will need knifes, hammers, leather, glue, shanks, boards, and everything else to get the job done.
For that purpose I have created a detailed list of everything you need to make shoes.