Tacks for Shoemaking

Tacks for shoemaking are small, sharp fasteners essential for securing shoe components, especially insoles and heels. Their unique design ensures a durable bond, enhancing shoe longevity and structure.

Hand Tacks for Handmade Shoes

Hand nails are characterized by their sharp edges and large, flat heads. Shoemakers predominantly use them during the lasting process to secure the pulled upper in its rightful place. Occasionally, they are left inside the upper and insole. Different parts of the shoe upper require nails of varying lengths, making it essential to have at least two types:

Short Tacks for the Back Part of the Upper

These nails are approximately 8-10 mm in length, featuring a prominent flat head and a sharp edge.

Long Nails for the Front and Middle Parts of the Upper: 


These nails measure between 13-20 mm in length, boasting a flat head and a sharp edge for effective securing.

When lasting the front part of the upper and lining, we occasionally need to fasten the edge of both using nails, which we later remove. There's a specialized tool for this purpose called a tack puller. However, if you don't have one, some pliers can serve as a suitable substitute.

These two essential shoemaking tasks are also part of the foundational tools and materials kit offered in the 1-Year Shoemaking Program

Machine Tacks for shoemaking

Machine tacks, in contrast, come with smaller heads and lack the sharpness of hand tacks. They often come coated with a light layer of oil.

Machine Nails for Heels 

These nails often have a ridged or corrugated design along their shaft. This design helps to increase the nail's holding power once it's driven into the shoe materials. They are generally driven in using pressure and don't need rotational force. They are typically applied using specialized machinery or nail guns designed for shoe manufacturing. Once driven into the material, nails are not intended for easy removal. If they need to be removed, it often requires tools like pincers or nail pullers and can be a bit challenging.

Online shoemaking stores

For those starting their journey in shoemaking, these tacks and nails are indispensable shoemaking  tools, ensuring the precision and durability of your creations.  Explore the world of shoemaking supplies and cobbler's tools, and learn how to make your own shoes with the right shoemaker's supply.

There are several online stores dedicated to shoemaking, and here are a few where you can find some of these tacks. Additionally, I'd recommend checking out local stores in your area.


All Shoemaking Supplies 

If you want to make shoes there is no way around it, you will need knifes, hammers, leather, glue, shanks, boards, and everything else to get the job done.
For that purpose I have created a detailed list of everything you need to make shoes.