February 7, 2019

Shoemaking Leather Upgrade That You Can Do

leather that was upgraded for shoe making

 Shoemaking Leather Upgrade That You Can Do

leather that was upgraded for shoe making

Shoemaking leather must be from the top quality skins if you want to make beautiful shoes. This is how it suppose to be, but in reality, sometimes it’s hard to source good shoemaking leather. Sometimes it’s even impossible.

What do you do then? Work with an ugly piece of leather you got or just quit?

It’s an option, but on my team we get creative.

Shoemaking leather upgrade is the way to go. This is how you can turn an “ok” leather into “very cool”, “interesting”, “special” (whatever works for you)

So what you need to do, is to use leather for your footwear that you already have or that you can find in your local shoemaking supplies store.

Note : You can use low quality shoemaking leather.

Long time ago when I just got started I had to use not such a good leather for shoemaking.

Ok, it was not leather for shoemaking at all, but hey, I had no other options. 

I was not enthusiastic about it. I didn’t like the look of it, the color and the quality.

I know many of you are in the same situation, so let me share with you how I creatively overcame this problem.

How you can upgrade leather for your footwear

This shoe making tutorial can help you if the leather that you have for your footwear:

  • Has many scratches, dirty spots
  • Has color that you don’t like

To upgrade the leather for your shoes you need to have a alcohol based color (preferable) and a candle.

Candle? (you’ll see)

Watch this shoe making tutorial that I made especially for you, my creative person 🙂 and comment below if I gave you a good idea what to do with that ugly piece of leather you have.

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