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Shoemaking Students Make Shoes

Proud to present my students work! I have created online video shoemaking courses to allow anyone, from anywhere in the world to learn this craft.  After 6 years, 20 courses, 2000 students, I can claim, this is the best & only online resource to learn shoemaking in the most professional way. Here shoemaking students make shoes.

My focus is to give you the tools and skills to create any footwear, to work on your own creating variety of shoe designs and styles  

I chose to present different works of my students, some are just the first shoe pair they ever made and for some, it's their fifth pair. I wanted to show you the progress my students go through while attending my 1-Year Shoemaking Program.

We always start learning shoe making from the basic ballet shoes, pumps, oxfords, and the reason for it is very important. 

With basic footwear models, my shoe making students learn the fundamentals of pattern & shoe construction, and when they are good at that, the progress to more advanced shoe models is easier and faster. 
You can see the results of my shoemaking program here.

shoemaking students boots

Made in my online : Ankle boot course

shoemaking students boots

Made in my online : High boot course

Become Shoemaking Student

Join my most dedicated&proven program to get everything

My 1-Year Shoemaking program is the Most Dedicated Shoemaking program, where we work together to make your shoes. 

It has proven to be Effective and you can see it in my shoemaking students work.

Shoemaking is very complicated and Detail Focused Process,  and that is why my step by step video guides are so valuable. 

Learn shoemaking At Your Own Pace & Make Your Shoes.