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Students Success Stories

Take it to the next level

85% of my students are total beginner

You don't need prior experience to learn & master this craft!

 I'll guide you, step by step!

shoemaking student shoes

how Conrad Launched Successful Footwear Brand

Conrad is my student from South Africa and now is the owner/designer of  very successful Oh Sole! brand.
That is an amazing feeling to see my student coming such a long way. 

He started from learning pattern making and making simple shoe making models and now he is making handmade shoes for his customers. 
Take a look at his footwear line.

shoemaking student shoes
shoemaking student shoes
shoemaking student shoes

After learning shoemaking with me, Conrad got the confidence, knowledge and skills to make any footwear type. His footwear collections includes; sandals, ballets, pumps, oxfords, derby's, and real variety of models. 

shoemaking student shoes
shoemaking student shoes
shoemaking student shoes
shoemaking student shoes
shoemaking student shoes

Elena's impressive Progress

Elena is a felt artist and a good one. Her goal was to make shoes in variety of models and styles. 
Elena enrolled to my online shoemaking courses and the progress shoes she made is so impressive.

At the beginning of the program we always start from basic ballet shoes. 
Elena have made few pairs of ballets for herself and her sister.
Just the first step....

Elena ballet shoes

Following the program and my 3 modules of learning, from basic to advanced, Elena achieved faster results.
Elena took my Footwear Design Workshop as well and now she is exploring the wonderful world of style combinations and technical footwear design, judge for yourself.

Conrad and Elena learned shoemaking online and their success is visible.

You will learn to make shoes and you will gain knowledge and skills to work on your own. To create classic footwear and your own design, that is beautiful and comfortable.