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Upgrade To Year Online Shoemaking Program & Get All The Pro Bonuses!

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Upgrade to 1 year pro before I close this offer 

1-year Full Shoemaking Program

Step-by-step shoe making program that shows you how to make a variety of shoes. 
From most basic footwear types to more advanced and complicated footwear.
To achieve best results the program is divided into 3 Modules, 18 courses.

Get All My 18 courses | From Basic To Advanced

Module: Beginner

  1. Flat Ballet shoe Course
  2. Fashionable Flat Ballet shoe Course
  3. Slingback Pumps Course
  4. High Heel Pumps Course
  5. Construction courses [5 courses]

Module: Intermediate

  1. Oxford Shoes Course
  2. One Oxford Course
  3. Bespoke Derby Hand-sewn Shoe Course
  4. T Strap Pumps Course
  5. Wedge Mule Shoes

Module: Advanced

  1. High Women Boot Course
  2. Ankle Boots Course
  3. Moccasin Course
  4. Unisex Sandals Course

learn from basic

pete shoes 1

Progress at your own pace and learn to make complicated footwear models.

Get My Upcoming Course In 1 Year Program

English Welted Brogue Oxford Shoes Course


When you sign up for my 1 Year Shoemaking Program you will get access to my Exclusive English Welted Men Shoes Course  of Full Brogue Oxford Shoes!

Value- €457

  • More than 300 steps of work
  • More than 25 hours of step by step video tutorial
  • A minimum set of tools
  1. How to apply the design of brogue Oxford shoes correctly on the last
  2. Full pattern construction of brogue Oxford: basic pattern, upper pattern, lining pattern
  3. Cutting/ Assembling/ Sewing
  4. Leather insole construction. You will learn how to prepare leather insoles for welting, working only with a simple shoe knife
  5. Making leather stiffeners
  6. Lasting
  7. Preparing the welt and sewing to the lasted upper
  8. Sole sewing with hidden stitches
  9. Heel building from vegetable tanned leather
  10. Finishing
  11. Sock lining making

Upgrade To 1 Year Pro & Get Exclusive Access To This Course

We Work Together :
2 Weeks Recap & Review

I am there with you all the way! You will upload your weekly progress and I will guide and correct your mistakes.
You can upload your questions and images or video files of your work.

Watch & Download all Shoemaking courses

Watch courses online or download courses to your computer to watch them anywhere at any time, offline.
350 hours of step by step video lessons.

Private Shoemaking Mastermind Group

Here you get access to me & other students of SCO. Many of my students are professional shoemakers or they already been where you are right now. Gain exclusive access to a Facebook community to discuss coursework and trade ideas with your fellow classmates. 

Bonuses In 1-Year Pro Program

1-Year Pro Bonus #1

Members ONLY Webinars

Get access to my members exclusive webinars for each shoemaking course. On the webinars you will get extra tips and knowledge and techniques on how to create  your shoes. Ask questions, and get all courses updates.

Value- €499

1-Year Pro Bonus #2

Footwear Design Course

Footwear Design Workshop

Learn The Skills To Make Any Footwear Type

  • Rules of Construction 
  • How to create correct design for future production
  • How to transfer your design from sketch to the last correctly
  • Learn what are anatomical lines and how to work with them
  • How to upgrade any design
  • Design shoes without any calculation
  • Easy to learn tools to simplify design process
  • How to create 3D elements in footwear
    and much more....

Value- €257

1-Year Pro Bonus #3

1. Shoe last [ There are 2 last types to choose from] 
* Pump last A- Heel 1.5 cm. rounded toe. 
* Pump last B- Heel 2 cm. pointed toe. 
2. Silver ink pen 
3. Shoemaker's tape measure 
4. Shoemaker's Hammer [ 420 gr] 
5. Pincers [ size 10 ] 
6. Shoemaker's knife [ 300X200 ]

7. Shoemaker's rasp [ 4- side ] 
8. Texon board [ 25*33 cm ] – 4 pieces 
9. Shank board [ 25*33 cm ] – 2 pieces 
10. Non woven chemical sheets [ 25*33 cm ] 
11. Steel shank- 8 pieces=4 pairs 
12. Reinforcement tape 4 mm 
13. Reinforcement tape 14 mm

Value- €332

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a total beginner is this program for me?

Are tools and materials included?

Can I pay in installments?

Can I wire transfer the money?

How do I know what size of lasts to order?

I’m not a designer and don’t plan to become one, is design course for me?

I'm a man, do you have men's shoe courses?

I have problematic feet, will your courses help me to make shoes to fit my needs?

Upgrade to 1 year pro before I close this offer 

1 Year Pro

Upgrade to 1 Year Pro membership and receive all the bonuses to keep learning and making shoes at your own pace


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    1-Year Full Shoemaking Program
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    Upcoming English Welted Brogue Oxford Shoes
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    18 Shoemaking Courses
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    2 Weeks Recap & Review
  • Watch & Download
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    Private Shoemaking Mastermind Group
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    Members ONLY Webinars
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    Footwear Design Workshop
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    Shoemaking Tools & Materials
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    2 Months extra access [14 total]

Instead Of Full Price Of €997

Upgrade To 1 Year Pro For  €597