October 23, 2014

Which Ballet flat shoes you will make next?


Which Ballet flat shoes you will make next?

In Fashionable flat ballet shoes course, we created a model based on classical pattern that we already made. This is very useful and must know technique as for production and for your personal advantage as well. You cut the process by half, as you won’t need to test your pattern again. We also learned how to create the basic flat ballet shoes, and the rules are the same for the pumps shoes as they are almost identical.  But what if you want to create different type of flat ballet or pump shoes, that is not similar to classic ballet design?

That is what we going to learn in our new upcoming shoe making course.   

Just as you choose which shoe we going to make when we learned how to make One Cut oxford shoes, the same thing we going to do here.

Now, I will present you three options, three models of ballet shoes, which I will teach you how to make from scratch. Each of them has different pattern construction and there is a different way how to make those shoes. Each shoe design will give you an additional knowledge to improve your shoe making skills, so pick which type you need to learn carefully!



1. Asymmetrical flat ballet shoes


What’s new about this shoe model?

-You will learn how to create an asymmetrical design on the last.

-How to create the pattern of asymmetrical ballet shoes.

-How to construct pattern with several inside-out seams.

-What is different in assembling and sowing details with inside-out seams.



2. Detailed front & back ballet shoes

What’s new about this shoe model?

–  A unique way of pattern construction when you have open details in the upper, and when your upper consist of many parts:

* How to calculate the open details placement in front considering the toes.

* How to assemble the details correctly.

* How to create straps.

* How to last open heel shoes.




3. T strap ballet shoes.

  What’s new about this shoe model?

* How to make a pattern of t strap ballet or pumps shoes.

* How to make the back heel line higher for the ankle side strap.

* How to create ankle strap with buckle pattern.


Here are the 3 options for you, now you need to choose which Ballet flat shoes you will make?

What you need to do to make your choice, is to write in the comment below which of the 3 options you choose.  

  1. Asymmetrical flat ballet shoes
  2. Detailed front & back ballet shoes
  3. T strap ballet shoes.


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